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Why CACFP Is Important To You
USDA’s Child and Adult Care Food Program plays a vital role in improving the quality of day care and making it more affordable for many low-income families. Each day, 2.6 million children receive nutritious meals and snacks through CACFP.

Day Care Homes
A family or group day care home must sign an agreement with a sponsoring organization such as ours, Child Food Program of Texas, to participate in CACFP. Day care homes must be licensed or registered by the State of Texas. Reimbursement for meals served in day care homes is based upon eligibility for Tier I rates (which targets higher levels of reimbursement to low-income areas, providers, or children) or lower Tier II rates.

At this time, the CACFP does not allow listed homes to be on the food program.

Day Care Centers
Day care centers may participate in the CACFP on their own but many have found that having a sponsor such as us alleviates the burdensome paperwork. Day care centers must be licensed to participate. Reimbursement for meals are based on a blended rate with at least 25% of the children on free or reduced meals depending on household income.

Meal Reimbursement
Sponsoring organizations such as ours receive cash reimbursement for serving meals to enrolled children and adults that meet Federal nutritional guidelines. The CACFP meal pattern varies according to age and types of meal served.

Participants may be approved to claim up to two reimbursable meals (breakfast, lunch or supper) and one snack, or two snacks and one meal, to each eligible child, each day. Program payments are based on the number of meals served to enrolled children, multiplied by the appropriate reimbursement rate for each breakfast, lunch, supper, or supplement they are approved to serve.

We Can Help You Determine Your Eligibility
Child Food Progam of Texas will work with you to determine if you are eligible for meal reimbursements and at which level. Please see the page Food Payments for a detailed explanation.

It probably sounds confusing to you, but we’re experts at it and we’ll help get you organized and started on the right foot.